HBES, leader in scent marketing

HBES, the leader in scent marketing and in the elimination and neutralisation of bad odours, creates and diffuses the scent identity or scent logo of companies, retailers and institutions in orderto communicate through the sense of smell.

HBES is the only company to offer a comprehensive solution for companies: from the creation of a fragrance, the installation and hire or sale of the scent diffusers, through to the maintenance and after sales services throughout France and abroad.

Today, HBES has more than 950 customers acquired from over 15 years of experience and takes care of your scent identity.

Scent marketing

Scent marketing is one of the 5 categories of sensory marketing. While hearing and sight are the senses most commonly targeted, companies are increasingly seeking to appeal to consumers’ sense of smell. Recent studies on the combination of marketing and neurosciences have helped to improve understanding of the way olfactory stimuli can influence consumers’ behaviour.

Collection de parfum - HBES aventures olfactives
Fragrance collection

Every brand, every place, every experience owes it to themselves to find the ideal scent to generate emotions.

Parfum sur mesure - HBES aventures olfactives
Bespoke fragrance

Because a tiny detail can make all the difference, let our expertise and skills work for you

Diffuseur de parfum - HBES aventures olfactives
Scent diffuser

Scenting a space draws on a combination of marketing and neurosciences to awaken customers’ senses

Destructeur d'odeur - HBES aventures olfactives
Odour eliminator

There’s nothing worse than lingering bad odoursor inflicting cooking smells on your customers

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Sectors of activity


(Re)awaken your guests senses


Dare to release the powers of an ambient scent
Marketing olfactif pour entreprises bureaux


Integrate scent marketing into your offices

French Art de vivre

Give another dimension to your spaces

Health care

Give real meaning to wellbeing