Care homes and health care facilities (hospitals, medical and dental surgeries, pharmacies, etc.)are all places where first impressions are essential for patients’ or residents’ wellbeing.

Specialists in scent marketing, at HBES we have the expertise to help you neutralise bad smells and instil a feeling of wellbeing in everyone: patients, residents, families and staff.

Care homes: create a comforting cocoon for your residents

The role and mission of care homes and other facilities accommodating elderly people have never been as complex as they are today. It’s important that residents quickly feel at home and families are reassured of the choices they have made for their loved ones. 

Diffusing appropriate, reassuringscentsis essential for creating the feeling of a comfortable and pleasant second home and helping your residents to feel at ease. 

Health care facilities: reassure your patients with relaxing scents

With the right marketing positioning and a pleasant scentin the reception area of your medical surgery, clinic or hospital, you can have an immediateand positive influence on the emotions of your patients and their families. This is even more true in your waiting rooms, where very often stress and worry are the overriding emotions. 

Diffusing a relaxing fragrance will calm your patients and help them forget the upcoming medical procedure for a few moments. Thanks to the creation of a customised scent atmosphere, you neutralise any lingering smells of disinfectants, cleaning products, etc. which can unconsciously trigger bad memories of hospital.

With HBES, create a reassuring ambient scent for your patients.

Why diffuse an ambient scent in your health care facilities?

Scent marketing (a form of sensory marketing) has numerous benefits for your hospital, your medical surgery or your care home:
  • Create a climate of trust
  • Reassure your patients
  • Reduce the anxiety linked to the medical procedures
  • Convey a positive image of your care home
  • Comfort your residents
  • Reassure families

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