Upmarket restaurants and luxury reception venues (function rooms, seminar rooms) can no longer content themselves with a contemporary designer decor. An exceptional setting and high-end furniture are not enough. Your customers expect a unique experience.

It’s essential to appeal to all their senses, including their sense of smell. Using pleasant aromas creates emotions and leavesa positive impression on your customers. That’s why creating a sensory experienceto reflect your venue is essential.

With HBES, secure your customers’ loyalty as soon as they enter your reception venues.  

Demonstrate your creativity to attract your customers

Your customers expect innovation, they want to be surprised and keep a lasting memory of their visit. We can help you add an audacious, original touch, or accentuate the subtle refinement of your private spaces. Thanks to our expertise and our know-how we have the capability to create with you the scented universe of your reception venueand one which reflects your DNA. Indeed, certain scents will be perceived as energising (citrus), while others will evoke warmth andcosiness (vanilla).

Were your clientstakenwith the scenting of your reception venue?

Offer them candles so they can re-create their positive experience at home.

Personalise your restaurant’s atmosphere

Exceptional dishes and an impeccable and ultra-personalised service are not always enough to satisfy today’s ever more discerning customers. Offer them an exceptional experience from the second they enter your restaurant.

Diffusesubtle scents without taking anything away from the dishes you are serving!

With HBES, flatter your customers’ sense of smell!

Sensory marketing can significantly change the experience you are offering. Creating a scented atmosphere will enable you to:
  • enhance the customer experience by influencing their perception of the reception venue
  • Attract customers and ensure repeat business
  • Increase the time spent in your spaces

Are you ready to offer your customers a unique sensory experience?

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