Scenting a space draws on a combination of marketing and neurosciences to awaken customers’ senses and modify a visitor’s perception of their environment.

Offices, hotels, restaurants, institutions, shops, … all these living spaces and businesses can improve their customer experiences and reinforce their attractiveness by creating a unique and personalised sensory identity. How? By creating a scentedatmosphere with diffusion systems suited to each place.

Experts in scent diffusion techniques, we can adapt to all spaces: indoors or outdoors, areas ranging from 1 to 50 000 square metres.

Our professional scent diffusers

We’re ready! We’ve worked with you to create your company’s unique scent. It’s now time to choose the most suitable diffusion system. Available to buy or hire, all our scent diffusers use the micro diffusion principle. We transform a liquid fragrance into an infinite number of micro droplets without spoiling its olfactory characteristics. Micro nebulisation enables us to scentindoor areas of between10 and15000 m². Free of any perfume combustion, additives or greenhouse gases, our micro diffusers generate no toxic emissions and have no harmful effects on your environment. They are also silent and can be programmed according to:

  • Your opening hours and days
  • The desired intensity for uniform and optimal diffusion

S5 Diffuser

Capacity : 750 ml 

Weight : 2.2 Kg 

Sound volume : < 45dba 

Dimensions : 300 x 110 x 215 mm 

Colours: white or black 

Diffuser SCTA

Capacity : 5 L

Diffuser designed for large volumes or central air

S80 diffuser (battery operated)
or S100 diffuser (mainsoperated)

Capacity : 100 ml

Weight: 1,4 Kg 

Sound volume : 53 dba 

Dimensions : 230 x 170 x 86 mm 

Colours: : white or black 

S250 column diffuser

S250 column diffuser

Capacity : 100 ml

Weight: 3,6 Kg 

Sound volume: ? dba 

Dimensions : 825 x 170 (base) / 74 (top)

Coloris : black

Let us take care of everything!

We are the only scent marketing system provider to offer a turnkey solution: you rent your diffuser, we install it and agree with you a regular schedule for replacing the fragrance bottles. When we come to replenish the scent, we also clean your machine and check the diffusion programming system. No intervention is required from you whatsoever. You also have the option to buy your machine. Whatever your choice, we provide ongoing maintenance and an after-sales service for all our perfume diffusers throughout France. By choosing HBES you are choosing peace of mind!

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