There’s nothingworse than a bad smell and little more off-putting for restaurant customers than being subjected to cooking smells while eating.

Bad odours come in many different forms and can affect your living, working or retail spaces. Sprays, ambient scents or deodorantsare no use as bad smells linger and simply masking them is not a long-term solution.

Body odour, sewers, cookingsmells, grease tanks, exhaust fumes, tobacco, humidity or smells from toilets, showers and changing rooms, at HBES we have the most suitable, tailored solution to neutralise all these musty or stuffy smells effectively and permanently.

Whatever the place, the volume of the premises to sanitise, the strength of the odours or their origin (cooking, sulphur, exhaust, body odours) we can sanitise your environment and neutralise the bad smells optimally and permanently.

Neutralising bad smells, a comprehensive and controlled process for the wellbeing and comfort of our customers

At HBES, we prefer toneutralise and destroy foul smells rather than simply masking them so that everyone can once again enjoy a pleasant and professional working environment.

The source of the bad smells firstly needs to be identified. We carry out a diagnosis and assess your needs in detail. We then use a unique and exclusive composition of 52 oils, each with a specific function to neutralise the bad odours with optimal effectiveness.

Through the diffusion of100% biodegradable and non-toxic oils and natural essences, or dry vapour we guarantee the complete sanitation of your premises.

This solution enables the odours to be destroyed.

Tobacco, water or fire damage, temporary or regular smells, car parks, hotel rooms, offices, public or private transport, whatever the smell or the place we offer innovative and effective solutions for areas up to 2500m².

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