In the hospitality sector, the customer experience is essential. Creating a pleasant, attractive and relaxing atmosphere to reflect your market positioning is crucial in this highly competitive market.

As managers of high quality and luxury hotels, you need to pay attention to every detail and awaken all your customers’ senses. That’s why scent marketing, a form of sensory marketing, is essential. Just like the décor and interior design of the rooms and reception area, associating asignature scent with your hotel helps to give a positive first impression of your establishment. 

Your guests will soak up this unique and distinctive fragrance as soon as they enter. It will remain in their subconscious memory thereby cementing their emotional attachment to your hotel. 

Create an atmosphere with subtle yet remarkable fragrances

Creating an ambient scent for any hotel is now essential. Designing a unique signature which embodies its spirit and soul is a subtle art which requires specific expertise.

Boasting 16 years’ experience, we create a scent for every area of your hotel. We adapt to your wishes and requirements to make it a welcoming place in which to relax. Custom-designed by our noses or selected from our portfolio of fragrances, your hotel’s scents capture the real essence of the place, creating a feeling of wellbeing, comfort and cleanliness.

The result: increased repeat bookings from an ever more exacting clientele.

Create a strong identity for your hotel

Defining a scent identity for your hotel offers numerous advantages
  • Your hotel stands out from your competitors
  • You add a personal and unique touch to your hotel
  • Your guests enjoy a feeling of comfort and cleanliness
  • You have a new tool for boosting customer loyalty
  • You fosteran emotional attachment and long-lasting memories

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