With HBES, create your signature scent

Because a tiny detail can make all the difference, we put all our expertise and skills to work for you, to create together a scent identity which resembles you.

Retailers, casinos, hotels, offices, companies, health care facilities, enhance your market positioning with a unique scent identity.

Our fragrance creators, real specialists in ambient scents, have been working alongside us for more than 16 years. These noses, experts in aromas and floral essences, will assess your requirements and your aspirations and use them as a basisto capture the essence of your company. Unique and original formulations which will add a finishing touch to your company’s marketing strategy. Every fragrance tells its own story, our job is to find the scentstoexpress your company.

With HBES, discover endless scent possibilities to tell a story, your story

We also offer the possibility to take your scent experiencea step further with scented creations andobjects to stimulate opportunities to connect with your clients.

Scented candles, perfume vaporisers, scented bouquets, choose the marketing aids which reflect your company’s scent identity.

The creation of an ambient scent in strict accordance with regulations

The reliability of the creationsis key to ensuring the safety of the products we sell. We ensure rigorous traceability for all the ingredients contained in our compositions. We guarantee compliance with all European and international regulations. All the perfumes created by HBES Aventures Olfactives meetthe standards defined by the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) which oversees protection of the environment and the consumer.

Your specific requests to create a bespoke ambient perfume are also developed in accordance with this strict framework, to ensure the final product complies with your expectations and the latest regulations.

For this, we follow a rigorous methodology:

  1. Understanding your requirement: what is the setting for your ambientscent? Do you want a fully bespoke creation, or would you prefer to select a scent which is already part of the HBES collection? What type of structure? What atmosphere? What type of customer (gender, age, etc.)?
  2. Analysing your request
  3. Researching and evaluating our collection to see what would be closest to your specific request. For a bespoke creation we work with perfumers (also callednoses). We then present you with several fragrances we think correspond to what you are looking for. If need be, we adapt them to ensure they are a perfect match.
  4. Installing. Once you have placed your order, we install your diffusers in the rooms to be scented and send you the concentrated fragrance.

Would you like to integrate scent marketing into your client experience?

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