What if you used sensory wellbeing toboost your employees’ productivity? Diffusing ambient scents creates a feeling of comfort and indirectly contributes to your employees’motivation encouraging them to work harder. 

You will thereby create a real sensory experience in your workplace.

With HBES, give your company a strong identity

Just like your company values, scent marketing also contributes to your company culture. Our concept is therefore to place sensory wellbeing at the heart of your brand identity with a powerful scent identity, a driver of emotions. We work with you to find the scent which corresponds to your company’s DNA and the dynamics you want to project. 

Available as afreestanding diffuser or directly integrated into your air conditioning system, our scent machines are discreet and efficient and adapt perfectly to the configuration of your premises.


With HBES, make a good impression

Smells have the subtle power to make a place welcoming. Today, companies are no longer content with simply adding scent to a reception area or rest rooms. They are also looking to create a background scent in meeting rooms, open spaces and employees’ offices. 

Diffusing a subtle fragrancenear the entrance to your premises ensures your employees and your customers feel good as soon as they cross the threshold of your door. 

Why diffuse an ambient scent in your offices?

Scent marketing (a form of sensory marketing) offers a number of advantages for your company:

  • Reinforce your brand image by standing out from competitors
  • Convey a positive image of your company
  • Entice your customers
  • Boost staff retention

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