Scent marketing at the heart of the customer experience

Scent marketing is one of the 5 categories of sensory marketing. While hearing and sight are the senses most commonly targeted, companies are increasingly seeking to appeal to consumers’ sense of smell.

Recent studies on the combination of marketing and neurosciences provide better understanding of the behaviour of consumers with regard to olfactory stimuli and also highlight the impact of ambient scents on their purchasing behaviour. The sense of smell is in fact the human body’s most sophisticated sense. It is directly connected to the deep memory and is a strong trigger of emotions. Consumers associate the scents they smell (consciously or unconsciously) in a particular place, to a past experience, rather like Proust’s madeleine.Scent marketing can thereby influenceavisitor’s perception of an environment without them actually noticing the subtle fragrance.

That’s why scent marketing is essential today. It enables companies and retailers to be distinctive and unforgettablebyconnecting with users or consumerson an emotional level and generating apowerful and enjoyable sensory experience which they will long associate with their visit or purchase.

With scent marketing, create a unique visitor experience in your retail space, in your reception areas or your workplace.

Reinforce your brand’s DNA with a scent marketing strategy

Do you want to make a difference? Do you want to stand out from your competitors? Choose HBES for a uniquescent strategy to define your ownsensory identity and keep pace with the ever-changing market and marketingtrends.

Creating a scent strategy with us represents a number of advantagesfor your customers:

  • Give your brand a unique emotional and sensory identity
  • Set your company apart with a powerful hallmark which reflects what you are
  • Manage every detail of your marketing strategy and enhance your image with your customers and your partners
  • Enhance your workspaces by creating a pleasant and calm scented environment
  • Optimiseyour brand recall and make a powerful emotional impact on the subconscious mind of your clients or partners.