A visual identity, colours, an atmosphere, background music, marketing has always played on consumers’ senses.

Nowadays, as competition continues to increase, all retailers are looking for ways to create a unique customer experience. Scent marketing with the diffusion of a fragrance in your store is the perfect solution: appealing to customers’ senses to give them a memorable experience filled with emotions.
Set yourself apart from your competitors by creating a pleasant and reassuring atmosphere and appeal to your customers with a unique sensory experience and scents which generate positive memories.

Appeal to your customers with a unique and personalised scent

Initially favoured by the luxury and hospitality sector, scent marketing is now widely used in all sectors. Shopping centres, hairdressers, clothes shops, pharmacies, banks…We have demonstrated over and over again our ability to diffuse scents in all high traffic locations. Why diffuse an ambient scent in your business premises, your store, or your bank branch? There are a host of reasons for choosing a personal scent identity:

  • Anchora fragrance and an unconscious memory in your customers’ minds
  • Heighten the feeling of wellbeing, a familiar sensation
  • Increase dwell time in your store
  • Increase the number of impulse buys
  • Entice potential customers from outside the store by diffusing scents

With HBES, use scent marketing to ensure your stores stand out.

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