HBES, a leader in scent marketing

Today, HBES has more than 950 customers acquired from over 15 years of experience and takes care of your scent identity.

What if we told you that there are a lot of similarities between scent marketing and triathlon? You might think it a little far-fetched, and yet…

At HBES, we love triathlon and races of all kinds. For us, sports such as these are like a well-prepared adventure, like the discovery of new sensations, a new experience.

For HBES Aventure Olfactive, it’s exactly the same. We’re driven by the search for new scents to imbue your customerswith emotions and a sense of wellbeing, to create in your stores, companies or health care facilities new experiences, to create with you a new sensoryadventure. To achieve this, you have to dare to innovate. Just like the triathlete on the start line, you have to dare to take the plunge.

Our difference: we offer all our clients a turnkey solution

Just as a triathlon is made up of 3 disciplines, the service we offer comprises 3 complementary steps:

  • The creation of a scent in line with your objectives
  • The setting up of the contract and the installation
  • The maintenance

Although these are 3 distinct stages,they arealso closely related. The success of one ensures the success of the others.

We are the only scent marketing company to offer businesses in all sectors a comprehensive scent diffusion solution. From the creation of a fragrance, to the installation and hire or sale of the diffusion system, and the maintenance and after sales services across France and abroad, we take care of everything. An invisible and yet very solid service.

Health, nature and adventure

We share the same values present in the world of triathlon, “health, nature and adventure”.

  • Health: all our fragrance compositions meet IFRA standards. This is a guarantee to you, your clients, your employees or your patients that all the products we use are non-toxic.
  • Nature: we listen to your objectives and your vision. We respect the DNA of your business and offer a fragrance which reflects your real nature.
  • Adventure: each creation is unique. Each fragrance composition is therefore a new adventure. It’s a team creation, made with you, our noses and our installation team.

Why not set off on a new sensory adventure? Contact us now to find out how scent marketing can help you create new customer experiences.